Oshkosh 2008

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Oshkosh 2008
posted by Orville
Fri, Aug 1 2008

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dakota67 wrote re: Oshkosh 2008
on Sat, Aug 2 2008 3:07 AM

Just thort this pristine North American T-6 Texan/Harvard looked a tad lonely without a caption for the kiddies who may not know what a lovely trainer they are. Reminds me of my late WWII 485 squadron mate, New Zealander Frank Transom who trained on RNZAF Harvards before battling the Luftwaffe in Spitfire Mk. IXs. He did quite a bit in the Miles Master in Merrie England and told me in detail just why he thought the Master was actually a better trainer...he really liked them. Frank reckoned the Mk. IX Spit. was the nicest to handle...but I digress (as usual!)