Gumman Mohawk at Paris Air Show

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Gumman Mohawk at Paris Air Show
posted by Maverick
Wed, May 6 2009

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 Credit: Flight


apgphoto wrote re: Paris Air Show
on Tue, May 19 2009 11:20 AM

Gumman Mohawk

aislabie wrote re: Gumman Mohawk at Paris Air Show
on Mon, May 25 2009 9:09 AM

The Mohawk was at the 1967 show. This was during the Vietnam War and while on display on the ground a number of Chinese Red Guards, after chanting from their "little Red Books",  rushed the Mohawk and threw paint (or it might have been ink) over it, before being hustled away.

1967 also saw the first showing of Vostok. The US was celebrating 40 years of Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing and debuted the F-111, and the XC-142. A few days after its first flight the F-28 flew over and on the final, very hot, day there was a tragic fatality from the Patrouille de France on a downward bomburst.