Skylab 1 Space Station Cluster in Orbit

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Skylab 1 Space Station Cluster in Orbit
posted by sam4flight
Fri, Jul 10 2009

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Here is a on-board photograph from Skylab 1/2. The skylab I space station cluster in Earth Orbit is photographed against the horizon of the Earth in this view taken from the Skylab 2 command/service module during the CSM's final "fly around" inspection of the space station. The area below is the clouds over water. Part of the space station is silhouetted against a black sky background. Note the deployed parasol solar shield which shades the Orbital Workshop where the micrometeroid shield is missing. The one remaining OWS solar array systeme wing was fully deployed successfully. The OWS Solar panel on the opposite side is completley missing.


sam4flight wrote re: Skylab I space Station cluster in Earth Orbit
on Fri, Jul 10 2009 3:07 PM

oops, wrong picture I'll try to sort it out. Now sorted :)