Skylab 3 Astronaut at the Apollo Telescope Mount

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Skylab 3 Astronaut at the Apollo Telescope Mount
posted by sam4flight
Mon, Jul 13 2009

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This is a photograph from on-board skylab 3 with astronaut Owen.K Garriot who is statiooned at the Apollo Telescope Niunt console in the Multiple Docking Adapter of the Skylab space station cluster. This picture was taken with a handheld 35mm Nikon Camera.Astronauts, Garriot, Alan L.Bean and Jack R.Lousma remained with the Skylab Space Station in Earth Orbit for 59 dats conducting many scientific, medical and technological experiments. In orbit the Multiple Docking Adapter as a major experiment control center for solar observations. From this console, Astronauts actively contoled the ATM solar physics telescope.