Skylab 3 Pilot ies in Pressure Device

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Skylab 3 Pilot ies in Pressure Device
posted by sam4flight
Fri, Jul 10 2009

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From this Skylab 3 On-Board Photo we can see scientist-astronaut Owen K.Garriot, science pilot of the Skylab 3 mission, lies in the Lowe Body Negative Pressure Device in the work and experiments area of the Orbital Workshop crew quarters of the Skylba space station cluster in Earth orbit. This picture was taken with a hand-held 35mm Nikon camera. Astronauts, Garrout, Bean and Lousme remained with the Skylab space station in orbit for 59 days conducting neumorous medical, scientific and technological experiments. The LBNPD Experiment is to provide information concerning the time course of cardiovascular adaptation during flight, and to provide infflight data for predicitng the degree of orthostatic intolerence and impairment of physical capacity to be expected upon return to Earth environment. The bicycle ergometer is in the right foreground.