Skylab II Lower Body Negative Pressure Experiment

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Skylab II Lower Body Negative Pressure Experiment
posted by sam4flight
Mon, Jul 13 2009

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This is a photograph from onboard Skylab II of Scientist Astronayut Joseph P.Kerwin, who is serving as a test subject for the lower body negative pressure experiment  (M092). Paul J.Weitz is assisting Kerwin with the blood pressure cuff. They are in the experiments and work area of the orbital workshop crew quarters of Skylab I/II space station cluster in Earth orbit. Kerwin is lying in the lower body pressure device. The purpose of the M092 Experiment is to provide information concerning the time course cardiovascuar adaptation during flight, to provide in-fligh data for predicting the degree of orthostatic intolerance and impairment of physical capacity to be expected upon return to Earth environment. The data collected in support of M092 are blood pressure, heart rate, body tempruture, vectorcoardiogra,, LBNPD pressure, leg volume changes and body weight. Weitz served as monitor for this experiment.