Skylab Sunshade Parasol Plans

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Skylab Sunshade Parasol Plans
posted by sam4flight
Mon, Jul 13 2009

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This is an illustration showing how Skylab astronautes planeed to deploy a sunshade over the workshop-labatory the day after they dock there space craft to the Skylab cluster. The umbrella was planned to be made of an orange-colored high tempruture resistant nylon fabric laminated to alumized Mylar plastic. The orange layer will face the sun. After rendezvousing with the Skylab cluster the day of the laucnch, the crew planned to fly around the workshop to inspect its condition. They said if it apperead feasable to deploy the umbrellas they would dock with the cluster and spend the night in the command/service module. The following afternoon they planned to attempt the erection of the umbrella through scienfiic airlock from the inside of the workshop. They then said the shade would be raised above the workshop and then lowered to the service. The shade was approximatley 20 feet square.