General Dynamics F-16CG Night Falcon [401] 89-2023/AV [cn.1C-176].

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General Dynamics F-16CG Night Falcon [401] 89-2023/AV [cn.1C-176].
posted by flyer1
Sat, Oct 30 2010

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"Triple Nickel" top floor please.


Niels_Boswinkel wrote re: General Dynamics F-16CG Night Falcon [401] 89-2023/AV [cn.1C-176].
on Sat, Oct 30 2010 5:46 PM

This is the picture from ESR123. So why are you useing hise picture? It's not yours.

flyer1 wrote re: General Dynamics F-16CG Night Falcon [401] 89-2023/AV [cn.1C-176].
on Sat, Oct 30 2010 7:15 PM

Boswinkel, you have made a seriouse ACCUSATION in public which if you had any manners you would have contacted the controller of this site and myself, and Rightly asked for an explanation. THIS IS' MY' IMAGE and I can prove it. I am not the only photographer in the enclosure on the 24th of July 2010. If you OPEN your Eyes and compare the two images you will see that the angle of the port Wingtip on ESR123s pic covers the markings: AF89-2023....My image leaves the marking clear. The Starboard Missile Head in ERS123s pic is 'CLOSER to the Nose hatch panel than in My image.The Nose-wheel arm has travelled further in My image than in ESR123s.I have a number of Frames of this Aircraft in its takeoff roll which I will upload to this site. I AM VERY ANGRY about this ACCUSATION YOU have made about my HONESTY in public , you should have clicked on the Report Abuse, spoke to the Editor, and contacted me. I will be contacting the Editor of AirSpace, and most importantly my SOLICITOR, I will prove you wrong in COURT ! I have noticed that you have Awarded me 3 Stars on one of my images Thank you...this you did so as to Downgrade it. Is this ACCUSATION SOUR GRAPS Boswinkel? I will be taking this matter a lot further and won't rest untill I prove that I have NOTused  another photographers image and when I have done so......I will want a Public Apology. I do Hope I get to meet you at an airshow !!! flyer1.

Maverick wrote re: General Dynamics F-16CG Night Falcon [401] 89-2023/AV [cn.1C-176].
on Tue, Nov 2 2010 11:35 AM


If there's any doubt about the validity of an image, please contact the photographer in private and discuss it, or contact myself privately to voice your concerns.

We are all here to enjoy each others photography so please let's all respect each other's opinions.



By the way, when we choose a winning image for the competition we always contact the photographer to get confirmation that the image is their own.