Westland Puma HC Mk 1

Pumasmall.jpgThe UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed that by the end of 2010 both the RAF`s Puma Squadrons will be collocated at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire, With No. 230 which has been flying the Puma since the squadron reformed at RAF Odiham in 1971, after which the squadron moved to Germany before re-deploying to its current base at RAF Aldergove during the early 1990`s where the aircraft have been part of JFH(Northern Ireland). The move will se the squadron moving into RAF Benson from Aldergrove in Northern Ireland to join No 33 Squadron which also flies Puma H C Mk 1s from the Oxfordshire airfield along side the two resident Merlin H C MK 3/3A Squadrons Nos 28 and 78 squadrons.

Courtesy Dave Billinge


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