The SkyHook International Jess Heavy Lifter


Boeing’s defence group and Canadian start-up SkyHook International today announced a five-year-plan to develop and produce a hybrid rotorcraft/airship that can lift a 40t payload as far as 200mi.

The so-called Jess Heavy Lifter, or JHL-40, is launched to service a niche market of commercial oil and mining companies operating in Canada’s far north. The US Army’s requirement by 2015 for a heavylift rotorcraft capable of lifting at least 30t is also being considered. Read more here …

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  1. Andreas 11 July, 2008 at 2:15 pm #

    The project is really great looking forward to it becoming reality. I believe the integration of the Airship and the Rotorcraft will be the most difficult. But since Boeing has proven the Osprey to be working they can use that knowledge to continue. I have made an analysis of the Osprey and how it could be used in the JHL project and made some interesting discoveries along the way check out my Blogpost



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