Sukhoi T-4


Sukhoi T-4, or “Aircraft 100″, or “Project 100″, or “Sotka” was a Soviet high speed reconnaissance and interceptor aircraft that did not proceed beyond the prototype stage. It is sometimes incorrectly named Su-100

Courtesy Sukhoi


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  1. rapier 14 September, 2008 at 4:06 pm #

    The T-4 was born from the beginning as a bomber and reconaissance aircraft.
    The project was cancelled in 1974.
    Tony Buttler and Yefim Gordon wrote :
    “During the late 1970s there were proposals to convert thr T-4 into a long-range interceptor armed with air-to-air missiles for attacking American B-52s and B-1s loaded with cruise missiles, but these ideas were rejected as impractical.”
    (Soviet Secret Projects – Bombers Since 1945 – p. 141)

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