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Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport

© Günter Wicker/Berlin Airports Eighty-five years after being designated as Berlin Airport, the German capital’s historic downtown Tempelhof Airport has closed with the departure of its last scheduled service and that of two vintage aircraft.A selection of images of the airport from the beginning to the present day can be seen on their website. If […]

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John Theodore Cuthbert Moore-Brabazon.jpg

On this day in 1909: John Moore-Brabazon flies first UK circular mile

On October 30th, 1909, J.T.C Moore- Brabazon won £1,000 from the Daily Mail newspaper by flying a Short Brothers aircraft for a circular mile.

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BMI A330

©Baron Inchcape @ AirSpace Lufthansa is taking a majority shareholding in UK carrier BMI following the exercising of a share option agreement by BMI chairman Sir Michael Bishop.

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contrails 28-9-08.JPG

Contrails in the European sky

© Polly Thisdell Safety and Operations editor David Learmount analyses whether existing air traffic management policies need to be implemented better to improve roueting efficiencies in the sky

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Flight International front cover competition 2008 is launched

This year’s Flight International competition begins again today, offering you the chance to get your favourite image onto the front cover of Flight International magazine.Read how you can enter and some tips on what we are looking for this year.

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Adventurers to go into suborbital space

  A joint venture launched on Friday between Rocket Racing, Inc., Armadillo Aerospace and the government of New Mexico will send adventurers into suborbital space at a cost of $100,000 per ticket or less. The three companies unveiled plans to field a fleet of reusable Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicles that will take flight from Spaceport […]

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Emirates 2nd a380.JPG

Emirates takes delivery on 2nd Airbus A380

Read more…. Image courtesy Emirates Group More images of the A380 from production to deliveries and interiors Airbus A380 aircraft profle including specifications, latest news, blogs, images and video    

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Concorde’s last commercial flight anniversary

Concorde made it’s last commercial flight five years ago today. Here Concorde G-BOAF is seen taking off from London Heathrow on a ferry flight back to retire at Filton, the aircraft’s place of birth. Flight published a Concorde timeline and I found it in the archives… Image courtesy Paul Dopson/APG Photography

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Lockheed Martin’s C-130 starboard wing

  The RAF is “determined” to learn the lessons following the loss of one of its C130K transport aircraft that exploded in mid-air after enemy action started a fire in its starboard outer wing in Iraq in 2005. The aircraft crashed following…   More images of the Lockheed Martin C-130 on this blog Image courtesy […]

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Alenia aermacchie 346.jpg

Aermacchi M-346 trainer

Our very own Stephen Trimble wrote a blog post on the DEW line recently about Alenia Aeronautica opening up the floor to suggestions for its Aermacchie 346 jet trainer. Have a look at the AirSpace discussion thread and see if you can come up with anything more impressive. And if Alenia Aeronautica likes your  idea, you get to have a ride […]

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