Concorde’s last commercial flight anniversary


Concorde made it’s last commercial flight five years ago today. Here Concorde G-BOAF is seen taking off from London Heathrow on a ferry flight back to retire at Filton, the aircraft’s place of birth.

Flight published a Concorde timeline and I found it in the archives

Image courtesy Paul Dopson/APG Photography


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One Response to Concorde’s last commercial flight anniversary

  1. luís nascimento 27 October, 2008 at 4:45 pm #

    The aearly concorde death means:

    Today, we walked backward.

    Instead faster speeds, talks are around “new concept” aircrafts as UDF Engines, it means: propellers….(100km slower than a normal turbofan of today….)

    I have seen concorde arrive to America continent for the first time, it was an amazing achivment to Europeans, as, instead the moon, they got the MACH II in a commercial aircraft. Thing that, this side of the Atlantic, never was achived…. and that`s why Concorde “was killed” in early seventies.

    Perhaps, enviousness of such achivement, was the answer for it!

    Worse to think,
    not even one concorde model was spared in flying condition for the next generations of youngers….

    Lucky of those, who once, saw the most fantastic achivement of human flying and civil transport, passes by.

    Concorde forever!

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