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P51 Mustang

Here’s an image currently doing well in our gallery. On Friday it was the site’s most highly viewed image. See some more images from AirSpace member BernieC…

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Dassault Rafale

What a difference a global financial crisis makes. As recently as late August, Dassault Aviation executive chairman Charles Edelstenne was adamant that his company had no interest in increasing its 5% stake in Thales. However, late November brought a U-turn, when it was revealed that Dassault had entered negotiations to buy the 20.8% Thales stake […]

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ARJ21 first flight

  China’s new regional jet aircraft, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China’s ARJ21-700, has successfully completed its first flight. More….

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QE2 Welcome.jpg

Emirates’ A380 welcomes the QE2 to its shores

An Emirates Airline A380 performed a flypast over the QE2 as it sailed past The World islands.  The grand flypast, as part of the welcome party to the iconic vessel’s arrival in Dubai, was carried out by Emirates’ third A380 aircraft, piloted by Capt. Abbas Shaban. Read more…. More flypasts Poppies dropped on the QE2 as it sets […]

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NASA 747A.jpg

747SP as flying observatory

NASA has invested almost two decades and $500 million on modifications to N747NA, a former Pan Am and United Air Lines mainline aircraft that is now a research platform called the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (Sofia). Mounted in the rear of N747NA – in Section 46 – is a 19t telescope with a 2.5m […]

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Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

This image of a Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey was taken by berniec at the RIAT show at Fairford, UK in 2006. It has the honour of being this week’s AirSpace image of the week and features on page three of this week’s Flight International Magaizine.To get your image featured, simply login to our community platform […]

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Lockheed L-1649 Starliner

©Lufthansa-Technik Lufthansa Technik is hoping to restore its Lockheed L-1649 Starliner to airworthy condition by 2011, after opening a new hangar in which the work will be performed. See a cutaway of the Lockheed 1649 Starliner

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ATK scores launch abort system test success

Alliant Techsystems reported a successful full-scale test of the Orion crew exploration vehicle launch abort system (LAS) at the company’s Promontory, Utah, test site on 20 November.  There’s more….

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US Department for Defense want new vertical lift technology

The US Department of Defense has assigned a key architect of the project that became the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter programme to look at launching an all-new, “future vertical lift” (FVL) aircraft to enter service after 2020. A key goal will be to reduce the danger of aircraft operating in vertical lift mode. Operations in […]

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The future in green airliners?

A double-deck 72.2m (237ft)-span swept wing passenger jet with two aft mounted Rolls-Royce Trent-like engines and an altitude ceiling of 55,000ft (16,700m) has been proposed as a more environmentally friendly airliner by a group of former UK aerospace engineers, calling their project Stratos. Read more about Stratos… and if you want more images of future aviation […]

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