Alitalia Cargo MD-11F


Alitalia began operations on 5 May 1947. Flight reported that Alitalia started with three-engined Fiat G.12S and would soon bo using Fiat G.12LS and four-engined Siai-Marchetti S.M.95S, and both powered by Pegasus 48 engines.

Flight reported that the reorganisation of the airline was helped along the way with “considerable effort” by British European Airways, in August 1947.

The Fiat G.12 was an Italian transport aircraft of the Second World War. Flight compiled a piece about it’s general characteristics.

In December 1947 Alitalia announced service plans to mark its re-entry into internation civil aviation. It would fly to Vienna and Prague, Madrid and Lisbon among other destinations.   

Alitalia’s cargo arm operates from Italy’s Malpensa International Airport and this McDonnell Douglas MD-11F, pictured (courtesy, is one of the company’s fleet of five, according to Flight’s ACAS (fleet) database.  

Cash-strapped Alitalia is awaiting feedback from the European Commission (EC) its relaunch efforts and to confirm it complies with state aid rules.

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