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FAST20XX hypersonic transport.jpg

Europe’s SpaceShipTwo competitor

The prospect of an all-European competitor to US suborbital tourism projects has become stronger with the €7.3 million ($9.68 million) funding of the Future High-Altitude High-Speed Transport (FAST) 20XX project that will focus on two concepts, one suborbital, the other a hypersonic point-to-point transport system. Continue reading…

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Reaper UAV.jpg

Reaper UAV may get ‘Gorgon Stare’ surveillance system

The US Air Force plans to a field a new sensor pod in 2010 that is expected to revolutionise tactical-level intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). Continue reading…

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Boeing 767-400_edited-1.jpg

Bahrain acquires 767-400ER testbed for VIP use

The government of Bahrain has acquired the Boeing 767-400ER that was to be used as the testbed for the airframer’s E-10 multi-mission command and control platform. Boeing built the 767-400ER as a testbed for systems integration on the E-10, but was forced to cancel the programme in 2007 because of funding constraints. Read on…

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Airbus A380 wake vortex_edited-1.jpg

UK authorities to revise Airbus A380 wake vortex separation standards

Picture credit: Max Kingsley Jones UK authorities are to revise certain Airbus A380 wake vortex separation standards after concluding that further examination of operational issues is needed. Read on…

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CMC cockpit.jpg

A new integrated cockpit to be developed for business jets

CMC Electronics has begun developing a new integrated cockpit featuring full-time head-up displays and open architecture that is likely to be available on mid- to large-size business jets from 2013. Read on…

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AeroCopter seeks funding for ‘mono tiltrotor’

AeroCopter is to develop a scale-model flight demonstrator prototype for its mono tiltrotor (MTR) vertical lift-off and landing aircraft following the completion of a detailed design. Read on…

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Thai AIrways A380.jpg

Thai Airways wants to delay delivery of A380s

Thai Airways International has been speaking to Airbus about delaying further the delivery of its Airbus A380s and is also hoping to persuade the aircraft-maker to let it delay making some of the payments on A330-300s that are due for delivery this year. Read on….

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Air India Boeing 707 Mont Blanc .jpg

Air India 707 crash wreckage on Mont Blanc

  In the centre of this photograph is said to be the wreckage of the Air India Boeing 707 (en route from Bombay to New York via Beirut, Geneva and London) that crashed into Mont Blanc on this day in 1966. The Flight archives recorded the accident briefly because the magazine issue came out two […]

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Sichuan Airlines A320.jpg

Sichuan Airlines to receive first Chinese-built Airbus

Airbus will pursue plans to increase the production rate of its new Chinese A320 assembly line, but the target of four aircraft a month could be revised if demand from the country’s airlines softens. Sichuan Airlines should receive the first Chinese-built Airbus by mid-year. Read on… 

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Cessna name change.jpg

Cessna renames piston singles

Cessna has renamed its Cessna 350 and 400 piston singles the 350 Corvalis and 400 Corvalis TT (twin turbocharged) (pictured) to reflect the nomenclature of its existing light aircraft product line. Read on…

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