FedEx MD-11 crashes at Narita

Fedex Narita aerial.jpg

Japanese television has posted a video of a FedEx cargo aircraft crashing and burning after having landing troubles at the Narita International Airport Monday morning around 0700h. Continue reading…


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One Response to FedEx MD-11 crashes at Narita

  1. Peter the old tp 24 March, 2009 at 12:20 am #

    The MD-11 is a mankiller. The horrible pitch behavior shown in the video is fully documented in the NTSB report of the Newark New Jersey crash in July 1997. The FDR traces in that report are a shocker for anyone interested in dynamic stability.

    This latest one is despite FedEx’s extensive training programme it gives its pilots on endorsement to type.

    There have been at least 4 similar crashes over the years and the the only reason a plane load of people weren’t lost at CLK was the typhoon blew the flames away from the upside down cabin. (and the authorities started prosecuting the evil Italian pilot)

    It’s time the FAA pulled the ticket on this type, if the insurance companies don’t first.

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