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Environmentally Friendly Aero Engines programme cuts noise and emissions

European Union targets for cutting jet engine noise and carbon dioxide emission can only be met with some new technology breakthroughs, according to engine manufacturers. Continue reading ….

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Cessna models win international approvals

Pictured – Cessna Citation X Credit – Cessna Cessna has clinched international certifications for various Citation models, (pictured – Citation X) paving the way for the airframer to expand its share of the international business jet market and boost its orderbook. Continue reading….

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Dornier delays relaunch of Seastar

Dornier Seaplane has pushed back until the third quarter of the year the planned relaunch of its Seastar amphibian because of a lower than expected sales tally and lack of available and willing investors. The Seastar first flew in 1984, and three were built in Germany before production ended in 1991. Continue reading… Seaplanes special […]

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Air France takeoff Turin.jpg

Air France taking off from Turin

Put simply, I think this is a great image of an Air France Airbus A318. Flightglobal’s community editor Stuart Clarke highlighted it to me in the Majestic gallery on AirSpace.  

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F-15SE Silent Eagle.jpg

Boeing unveils F-15SE Silent Eagle prototype

Boeing yesterday unveiled a new F-15 prototype aimed at the international market with such “fifth-generation” add-ons as radar absorbent coatings, internal weapons carriage and integrated digital avionics, plus featuring a distinctive V-tail. Continue reading… F-15 Silent Eagle gallery on AirSpace Stephen Trimble’s blog The DEW Line

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787 landing gear.jpg

Boeing to modify landing gear on later 787-8s

Boeing is to incorporate a redesign to the landing gear on later production 787-8s to speed gate turnaround operations by improving the thermal performance of part of the braking system. As Boeing announces it has cleared all 787 equipment for first flight, it has emerged that early 787s will be constrained in some quick turnaround […]

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Pic of the week 17 March.jpg

Pic of the week (17 March) Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress and Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

Uploaded to user’s gallery, this is Pic of the Week and will be published in tomorrow’s Flight International. The image shows a Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress and Boeing B-52 Stratofortress flying in a Heavy Heritage Flight honouring 50 years of Boeing Bombers at Defenders of Liberty Airshow at Barksdale Air Force Base (KBAD).

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Apollo Avocoat.jpg

NASA’s Orion heat shield decision expected this month

  One of the greatest engineering challenges in spaceflight is to protect a spacecraft from the searing heat of re-entry, as the fate of the Space Shuttle Columbia so tragically illustrated. So, one of the most intriguing technical twists in NASA’s planning for its return-to-the-Moon Constellation programme may come later this month when the US […]

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Orbiter Enterprise.jpg

Orbiter Enterprise

AirSpace user Runlikehell uploaded this image of the orbiter Enterprise he explains, was used for the approach and landing tests during the Shuttle test phase. The first orbiter built and now resting in the Udvar-Hazy anex to the National Air and Space Musuem just outside Washington D.C.”

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Royal Jet interior.jpg

Royal Jet says completion capacity easing as it launches project to refurbish five BBJs

Abu Dhabi-based charter operator Royal Jet says the downturn in the business aviation market has brought one positive result – it has eased the capacity squeeze at specialist completion centres. Continue reading…

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