On this day in 1969: Concorde’s first flight in the UK

Concorde 1st flight cockpit.jpg

British protoype Concorde 002′s (registered G-BSST) maiden flight from Filton, was flown by Brian Trubshaw (left) and co-pilot John Cochrane (right).

For more images of Concorde see the gallery on AirSpace including a mock up of the interior and an image of the first landing back to Fairford on the same day (9 April 1969). Why not join in the discussion with other users sharing their Concorde experiences.

This blog has featured Concorde on numerous occasions. See how it has showcased the supersonic marvel.

Last year Flightglobal hosted a campaign during Farnborough in celebration of 100 years of the industry as well as in publishing and was an obvious contender for our users suggestions to appear in Flight’s 100 Greatest. The aircraft made it into the Top 5 of Flight’s Greatest Civil Aircraft.

In 2003 Flight recorded Concorde’s last scheduled flight with a commemorative issue which includes a timeline showing the key dates, a cutaway among other pieces. Read the introduction which talks about the “flawed icon”.  




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