BA to ground eight 747s


Picture credit: oneworld

British Airways is to ground 16 aircraft for the upcoming winter season, to rein in capacity following the sharp decline in passenger demand.

The airline will ground eight Boeing 747-400s and eight 757-200s to cut capacity by 4% for winter 2009-10.

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One Response to BA to ground eight 747s

  1. Melville Perkins 30 May, 2009 at 4:10 pm #

    Should we really be surprised rubbish airline, rubbish old planes, the worlds worst staff, arrogant chairman.

    Even Lord King, looked good compared to this lot of…

    Actually the real reason, people like us i.e. the punters, are wiser than they think, we have a choice. We use that choice, we vote with our feet, how much longer do B.A. think they can pull the wool over travellers.

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