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Saturn moves toward launch pad

Forty years ago today Apollo 11 was in space, having successfully completed its launch but awaiting its moon landing.But before Apollo 11 could blast off from the launch pad, it had to be brought there. NASA cameras captured this aerial view of Saturn V SA-506, the space vehicle for the first lunarlanding mission, moving down […]

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Hawaiian Air to Bring Home Original Bellanca CH-300

While retro jets have become the latest airline fad, with Continental and Air France some of the recent additions, Hawaiian Air is going really retro.To help celebrate the airline’s 80th anniversary this November, Hawaiian Air located its first aircraft, a Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker. Its CH-300 first flew 80 years ago and Hawaiian has been working […]

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‘LIFT OFF. We have a lift off. Lift off on Apollo 11.’

Forty years ago this morning at 9:32 Eastern time in the United States, Apollo 11 lifted off from launch pad 39-A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Its destination? The moon, where a few days later Neil Armstrong became the first person to ever step foot on a planet other than our own.An Air Force EC-135N […]

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JetBird Embraer Phenom 100

Today’s image of the day is of the JetBird Embraer Phenom 100 very light jet. JetBird has 59 of the planes on order. Air taxi start-up JetBirdhas taken a step closer to the commercial launch of its pan-Europeanoperation in September with the unveiling of its online flight bookingsystem. Read more:JetBird moves closer to air taxi […]

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This Week’s Cover–Commemorating Apollo

Here’s this week’s cover of Flight International, featuring our special report on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. For more info on the event, head over to our dedicated anniversary page.The cover is a montage of Flight’s Apollo and Saturn V cutaways. Links to the cover articles are below. Main Feature: The […]

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Space Shuttle Launch Pad Lightning Strike

I was hoping to have yesterday’s or today’s image be of the Space Shuttle mission STS-127 lifting off, but the launch has been delayed (following earlier delays back in June).The Saturday launch postponement was due to a lightning strike Friday evening on the launch pad.Check out this image NASA’s cameras captured of the strike: Photo […]

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More Photos to Help Identify

Last week I asked readers to help identify photos from our archive that we do not know much about. The replies were so helpful I thought I would ask again this week with different photos!These photos are missing information about what type of aircraft is depicted, the location, or year (or sometimes two or more […]

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Emirates New Uniform 1a.jpg

For Uniforms, Emirates Distances Itself from Haute Couture

I recently received this surprising press release discussing how Emirates’ new cabin crew uniform has been rolled out.“In an industry first, the premium brand airline choose to hand responsibility of the design to its UK based manufacturer, Simon Jersey, rather than a world renowned fashion house; and saved itself millions of pounds in the process.”It’s […]

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Strategic A330 Receives Water Cannon Salute

New Australian chart-up charter carrier Strategic Airlines had its first aircraft, an Airbus A330-200, arrive in Brisbane earlier this week. The arrival was welcomed with a water cannon salute. Photos courtesy of Strategic Aviation From the carrier: Landing at the Brisbane International Airport at 11:30am EST on Monday 6 July, theAirbus A330-200 crossed Australian shores […]

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Night Refuel Airbus.jpg

Nighttime In-Flight Refuelling

Today’s image is from Airbus and depicts its Aerial Refuelling Boom System (on an A310) making contact with a Portuguese F-16AM–at night! This was conducted as part of the readiness for A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) qualification. From Airbus: After approach maneuvers to calibrate illumination, 17 contacts were made between the A310 and the […]

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