F-16 mission training centre simulators

Recent wins for L-3 include a $68 million contract from the US AirForce in January for 20 four-ship F-16 mission training centresimulators for basic and advanced pilot mission training, tacticsvalidation and mission rehearsal. L-3 also recently won upgrades to itsPredator mission aircrew training system (PMATS) first ordered by the USAFin 2005. Enhancements to the Predator system include low-level light TVsimulation, high-resolution databases of the Kabul and Bagram airfieldsin Afghanistan, as well as the addition of L-3′s physics-basedenvironment generator (PBEG) into the simulator. PBEG includes softwarefrom the gaming world that predicts human behaviour based on certainstimuli. Where the gaming industry pales compared with what is neededfor military exercises is in the scale of the game, however. “We haveto go across a city that might be 100 square miles large,” saysRockwell Collins’ Statler. Read more…

L-3 Link Simulator.jpg

(Photo: L-3 Link)


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