Flight International Cover 10-16 November: Rampant Rafale and Dubai Preview

On behalf of Flight International, Peter Collins became the first UK test pilot to evaluate the Rafale in its current F3 production standard. You can read his exclusive article here.

Other lead stories in this edition is that JetSet is pondering the launch of a stretched Paris Jet.

This time also marks the two year anniversary of the A380′s entry-into-service. View our special report here.

With the Dubai Air Show next week, Flight International presents its pre-show coverage, Visions of Arabia: Can the Middle East help pull the aerospace industry from its malaise? This year’s Dubai air showtakes place against a very different backdrop from the runaway economicgrowth of two years ago. But despite Dubai’s financial problems,buoyant oil and gas revenues have fuelled the ambitions of Abu Dhabiand Qatar to create global carriers and the region to bolster itsdefence capabilities. In this special, we assess the fortunes of theregion’s airlines and business aviation community, as well as whetherbig state-led projects will create an aerospace infrastructure in theGulf. We visit Jordan – short of natural resources but with an aviationindustry built on its reputation as a regional commercial crossroads.We also see how government warchests make the Middle East a key targetfor defence aviation manufacturers.

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