Flight International 22 Dec-4 Jan: Cover Competition

Our final edition of Flight International for the year features the winner of this year’s cover photo competition. The photo depicts a Raytheon Sentinel ASTOR taking off from RAF Waddington in the UK. It was taken by AirSpace user Sunshine Band. Congratulations!

The magazine also features the winners in specific categories. Upload your photos to AirSpace for a chance to win in next year’s competition, or to be featured as our image of the week.

Editorial content includes:

  • Can Vulcan return for 2010? The Vulcan Operating Company (TVOC) pulled off what many thought was impossible when it returned XH558to the air from Bruntingthorpe on 18 October 2007 after 14 years on theground. To the delight of many, the delta-winged bomber – which hadbeen the last Vulcan to fly in 1993 – made a triumphant return to theair display circuit in 2008. But as the year progressed, there weredoubts amid the banking crisis that sufficient funds could be securedto get the aircraft back for a repeat in 2009.

  • On a lighter and more festive note, we’ve put together Uncle Roger’s Christmas quiz 2010. This is the first time we’ve put this quiz online andunlike in Flight International, we’ve afforded you multiple choice.This quiz is not easy, but if you know your eX2s from your GP7200s thenyou’ll do fine. 

Cover 22 Dec-4 Jan 09.jpg


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