Flight International 19-25 Jan: 40 Years of 747 Service

This week Flight International, as the 747 approaches its 40 birthday, reviews the highlights of the jumbo jet’s career and looks forward as the latest version of the widebody gets into stride.

  • Review of the 747′s 40 years of service
  • Whichever way you look at it, the Boeing 747′s legacy is remarkable. Probably the most recognisable airliner other than Concorde, not only is the Jumbo Jet still the world’s best-selling widebody, and the longest-running airliner production programme after the 737, but it was also a key contributor to bringing air travel to the masses. And until the Airbus A380′s arrival two years ago - an aircraft regarded by some as the 747′s spiritual successor – it was the largest airliner flying. Continue reading…

Beyond the iconic hump of the 747 and cross-section that has made the type so recognisable, Boeing’s new 747-8F bears little resemblance to its -100 predecessor. At a length of 76.4m (249.8ft), the 747-8 is Boeing’s longest aircraft to date, eclipsing the 777-300ER by 2.5m. Continue reading…

We also look at:

  • Bahrain Air Show Preview: There’s no business like show business

  • Staging a business-to-business aerospace convention in the Gulf just weeks after the industry has been out in force in neighbouring Dubai might seem at best ambitious, and at worst misguided. But the organisers of the inauguralBahrain air show - at the Sakhir air base from 21-23 January – are convinced its unusual format, based around traditions of Arabian hospitality and boosted by the island kingdom’s business-friendly and buoyant economy, will allow it to establish its niche in the aerospace calendar

There was no hiding Airbus boss Tom Enders’ glee this month at the Airbus/EADSannual conference in Seville when he confirmed that the airframer had defied “the so-called experts” and rather than slashing production by 30%, had kept its nerve and broken all its records in 2009.

As a game of poker, the stakes do not get higher. With just one A400M having flown,EADS has threatened to scrap the airlifter unless its seven European launch customers can agree by 31 January to stump up funds to keep the programme on track.

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3 Responses to Flight International 19-25 Jan: 40 Years of 747 Service

  1. jan vos 19 January, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    Hi Will Horton
    Will what a GREAT GREAT GREAT story you mailed about the 747 40 years. Good memories and hopefully a good future for the 747-8. Loved your mail/story. Jan Vos

  2. jan vos 19 January, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    PS for Will Horton. If you see Jo. Ostrower give him regards. He did almost the same last week about the B707 history and first flight/certification. Jan

  3. Will Horton 29 January, 2010 at 10:08 pm #

    Hi Jan thanks for such a wonderful comment! Yes, Jon did a great job with the 747 article. Not sure when I’ll see him next (perhaps you could contact him via Twitter?) but when I do I’ll pass on your feedback. Cheers!

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