Military compassion helps Haiti

In-flows of food, medical supplies, construction equipment andmilitary troops – mostly from Brazil, Canada and the USA – continued topour into the rubble of Haiti’s earthquake-battered capital at the endof last week.

A steady stream of foreigners, meanwhile, poured out of Haiti byairlift, including 1,441 Canadians flown home by 20 January aboardCanada’s newly acquired Boeing C-17s.

Reflecting the grim horror of the 7.3-magnitude quake’s devastation, a Brazilian air force Lockheed MartinC-130 on 20 January flew home the bodies of 17 army comrades, membersof a Brazilian battalion deployed to Port-au-Prince before the disasterunder the United Nations’ stabilisation mission. Read more…

Here a United States Air Force aircraft parachute-drops aid to Haiti.


(Photo: USAF)


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