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BA A318.jpg

BA All-Business A318

British Airwaysis considering expansion of its all-business London City flights toother destinations in the eastern USA, following the opening of NewYork services last September. Chief executive Willie Walsh says the airline had received plenty offeedback suggesting other destinations – among them Washington andBoston – and says that BA is looking at their potential. Continue reading… […]

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Sangyong Chong VN Pilot.jpg

Sangyong Chong, A320 instructor with Vietnam Airlines

Sangyong Chong is an A320 instructor with Vietnam Airlines,on contract with Rishworth Aviation. Originally from South Korea, hetrained in Florida and later Toulouse before moving to Vietnam with hisfamily in 2006 What got you interested in aviation? My lifelong wish was to fly. From childhood I loved to see and readabout aircraft. When I was […]

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Cupola Window.jpg

Space station finally gets its window

The International Space Stationcrew now have a better view of the station’s exterior after theinstallation of the cupola window and the last major habitable modulefor the ISS US segment. Continue reading…Hyperbola Blog: NASA’s video of the window’s installation The ISS crew can now enjoy 360° view: (Photo: NASA)

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SIAEC Engineer in Bahrain

Bahrain is the latest Middle Eastern state to put down a marker in thethird-party MRO marketplace. The kingdom’s airline Gulf Air haswrestled with its MRO options since Bahrain’s split with formerfellow-owners, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Qatar. In the glory days of GulfAir, maintenance was the job of Gulf Aircraft Maintenance (Gamco) inAbu Dhabi. However, shortly […]

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Radioisotope Thermo Electric Generator.jpg

UK could use plutonium in space nuclear power demonstration

On Earth, nuclear power is controversial – but for deep spacemissions it is a necessity. However, the plutonium driving spacecraftpower systems is invaluable not only for its ability to keepelectricity flowing where solar cells cannot; Pu-238 is also in shortsupply. Nuclear power is critical to the 2018 ESA-NASA ExoMars Martian rovers mission and the UK’s […]

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Flight International 23 Feb 1 March 2010.jpg

Flight International 23 Feb-1 March: Biofuels Flower Power

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International reviews biofuels. They could be the answer to aviation’s carbon concerns, but will governments help with their development?(For insight to this week’s cover decision, read an entry about it on Flight International editor Murdo Morrison’s new blog.)Also featured are:Middle East MRO: Region’s players are extending their radiusGeared Gamble: With […]

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Bangladesh 777

Image of the Week: Biman Bangladesh 777

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 5 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user Allan. His photo depicts a Biman Bangladesh 777 on approach to London Heathrow for the first time, taken earlier this month. Start a gallery on AirSpace for your chance at having your photograph featured as our Image […]

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USAF issues KC-X update, ignores Northrop demands

The US Air Force has issued a “presoliciation notice” for the KC-Xtanker contract that suggests at least two of the three changesdemanded by the Northrop Grumman/EADS North America team will not be incorporated in the final request for proposals (RFP). The notice released on 8 February on the Federal Business Opportunities web site precedes the […]

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Hydraulics: so last century

With the rise in lightweight and reliable electric gadgetsthroughout our homes – and even on our persons – the idea that machinesshould need heavy pumps and fluids applying great forces to move metalseems Dickensian, as anachronistic as steam engines. But for aircraft engineers, replacing hydraulic control surface andlanding gear actuation systems with electric ones is […]

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BAE 146

BAe 146 ‘could be transport stopgap’

BAE Systems is offering its out-of-production regional aircraft as abridging solution for armies and air forces affected by militarytransport delivery delays, and is looking to build on a breakthroughdeal with a UK Ministry of Defence contractor. In December, BAE revealed that Titan Airways had leased one of itsBAe 146s to fulfil a six-month MoD contract […]

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