Sangyong Chong, A320 instructor with Vietnam Airlines

Sangyong Chong is an A320 instructor with Vietnam Airlines,on contract with Rishworth Aviation. Originally from South Korea, hetrained in Florida and later Toulouse before moving to Vietnam with hisfamily in 2006

What got you interested in aviation?

My lifelong wish was to fly. From childhood I loved to see and readabout aircraft. When I was young my family bought me lots of toyaircraft and later I started to make model aircraft. I also lovefighter jets because of Top Gun – it was so cool. I hoped tojoin the air force to become a fighter pilot, but my family wanted meto join our family business. While I completed my compulsory militaryservice in the army, I lived on an air force base, met Korean andAmerican pilots and saw many different jets. Despite my parents’wishes, I never forgot about my dream. Continue reading…

Sangyong Chong VN Pilot.jpg(Photo: Vietnam Airlines)


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