Flight International 30 March-5 April: Nimrod MR2 Retires

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International looks back on the highs and lows of the Nimrod MR2, the last of which gets retired from the UK’s Royal Air Force tomorrow, 31 March. The Nimrod flew for 41 years and was derived from the deHavilland Comet, the world’s first jet airliner. We find out what is was like to fly on one of the “Mighty Hunters” and look forward to the new-generation MR4 as BAE Systems prepares to begin “convex” training for the first four squadron pilots.

The cover image is from the UK Royal Air Force and depicts Nimrod MR2 XV229 in flight above the Scottish countryside.

Also featured in this issue are:

Flight International 30 Mar 5 Apr 2010.jpg

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