Comparison of Comac C919 and conventional engine nacelle assembly

While officials from China’s Comac maintained a relativelyconservative stance when selecting design features for their new150-passenger single-aisle C919 airliner, they made at least onesignificant exception – picking a new company to wrap sometantalisingly new but unproven technologies around the aircraft’s twoCFM International Leap X1C engines.

The new company wasNexcelle, a joint venture between Aircelle, a Safran subsidiary, andGE’s Middle River Aircraft Systems. The 50/50 teaming was modelled onthe CFM joint venture between GE and Safran subsidiary, Snecma, thatled to the development of the CFM56. Continue reading…

New Engine Nacelle Technology Comparison.jpg(Source: Safran, Graphic: Flightglobal)

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