Q&A With Donahue Cortes – Active Solutions for airline needs

After a career spanning roles from air traffic control to cabin crew, Donahue Cortes founded Crawley-based Active Solutions Consulting Group, offering training, consultancy, management and auditing solutions to airlines.

How did your career evolve before taking this job?

As an 18-year-old I was awarded a scholarship to become an air traffic controller, which was my ambition at the time. Restrictions with my eyesight led to a change in career focus, so I studied a variety of aviation-related subjects while I looked into a new career path. This led to a cabin crew job, which soon progressed from flying duties into training and then managerial work. Consultancy type assignments led me to the creation and the development of our current organisation.

What does Active Solutions Consulting Group do?

We offer training, consultancy, management and auditing solutions to worldwide airlines. Our Active Aviation Training brand specialises in the delivery of third-party services using either customised training with our own materials, or programmes provided by our customers. This includes flight and cabin crew initial, conversion and recurrent training, and we also provide courses for training instructors in a variety of disciplines. Our offices are near London Gatwick. Continue reading…

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