Q&A with Ross Young of the Royal Air Force

After a number of years with the UK’s Ministry of Defence, Qinetiq’stask technical manager for ‘Project Julius’ Ross Young is nowresponsible for upgrading Boeing Chinook Mk2 helicopters for the RoyalAir Force.

Why did you choose an aerospace-related career?

I was interested in aircraft from an early age and used to attendair shows with my father. Aeronautical engineering seemed to be a goodidea; that was 21 years ago.

Which jobs have you done?

I started my career as a UK Ministry of Defence apprenticetechnician on helicopters (airframes/engines) and then became a designengineer (draughtsman) with the Joint Aircraft Test and Evaluation Unitat RAF Brize Norton. Continue reading the interview…

Working Week Ross Young.jpg(Photo: Qinetiq)

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