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Semi-reusable launcher system Apr 2010.jpg

USAF seeks reusable booster concepts

Ideas for developing and operating a semi-reusable launcher that uses its engines to “rocket-back” for a gliding landing at the launch site have been requested by the US Air Force. Under the USAF‘s reusable booster integrated demonstration concept options maturation study, organisations are to provide information on how technologies can be developed for an unmanned vertical […]

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UAE Presidential RD800 enters service.jpg

VIP RJ100 enters service with Presidential Flight of Abu Dhabi

The Presidential Flight of Abu Dhabi has inducted into its fleet a second BAE Systems Avro Business Jet, joining a VIP RJ70. The RJ100 has been converted into VIP configuration by London Stansted-based Inflite Engineering. “Over the past 12 months the pace of recent market success for the ABJ has continued with three further aircraft […]

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A350-1000 Key Changes Over -900.jpg

Key Changes of A350-1000 Over -900

Airbus is working to reach the design freeze for the largestA350 variant, the -1000, in the middle of this year and has revealed that the stretched aircraft will feature a slightly larger wing the -800/900 models. The 369-seat -1000, which has an 11-frame stretch over the -900, is due to enter service at the end of 2015. […]

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Image of the Week: Cameron Hopper One Man Balloon

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 3 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user apgphoto. His photo depicts a Cameron Hopper one man balloon.He writes of his photo: The balloon is flown by a good friend of mine and is a Cameron Hopper which is a one man balloon, just strap […]

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Romanian C27J.jpg

Romania’s first two C-27Js

Romania’s air force has accepted its first two Alenia Aeronautica C-27J Spartan tactical transports for training use (below), and expects the type to begin supporting international operations from early next year. Delivered to the service’s 90th Air Transport Base at Bucharest Otopeni airport on 12 April, the aircraft had first undergone a two-week period of pre-acceptance […]

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Marshall Gas Inert.jpg

Marshall Aerospace Generic Inerting System

Marshall Aerospace is in discussions with several airlines over the provision of a fuel tank inerting modification for their Boeing 757 and 767 fleets.The UK company expects to install its modular onboard inert gas generating system (OBIGGS) on an aircraft for the first time next year, with the safety enhancement now in the design and risk-reduction […]

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GE90 Engine Undergoing Inspection

This photo of a GE90 engine accompanied our article on how a bustling engine remote diagnostics business at GE Aviation is fuelling a new family of prognostics health management (PHM) tools to further boost safety while cutting disruptions, maintenance costs and shop visit durations.The article was part of our special section on MRO Americas 2010: […]

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Volcanic Ash Affects Airlines (In Case You Didn’t Hear)

You may have seen photos of that most unpronounceable volcano or airport departure boards listing nothing but CANCELLED, but here’s an interesting look at another side of the ash spewing over Europe.AirSpace user flame captured this photo of Ryanair 737-800s with their engines wrapped up to protect them from being exposed to ash. Some airlines […]

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Flight International 20-26 April.jpg

Flight International 20-26 April: World Airlines 2010

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International has its annual World Airlines report and accompanying directory of over 1,500 operators.The bad times are putting marriage back in fashion, as evidenced by the BA-Iberia tie-up, which provided the inspiration for the cover image made by Flightglobal artist Tim Bicheno-Brown using taken by Ismael Jorda and Simon […]

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Image of the Week: CASA C-101 over France

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 3 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user raulherse (Raul Hernandez Sevilla, who also has a Flickr account). His photo depicts a formation of Spanish Air Force C-101 Aviojets over France.He writes of his photo: Formation Poker of the Patrulla Águila of the Air Force of […]

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