Image of the Week: Cameron Hopper One Man Balloon

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 3 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user apgphoto. His photo depicts a Cameron Hopper one man balloon.

He writes of his photo:

The balloon is flown by a good friend of mine and is a Cameron Hopper which is a one man balloon, just strap the cylinder to your back (so to speak) and off you go. It was previously flown for Proctor and Gamble to advertise their Fairy Liquid brand of washing up

liquid, the baby being their logo. The picture was shot last weekend [10-11 April] on a local flight from our base in Wales just before I flew out more conventional balloon.

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One Response to Image of the Week: Cameron Hopper One Man Balloon

  1. Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA) 28 April, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    Nice if you like the view – which is what all balloons are about any way.

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