Q&A with Maria Martinez at Airbus’s Illescas Composite Plant

Maria Angeles Marti Martinez is head of lean, as in ‘lean manufacturing’ at Airbus‘s Illescas composites plant outside Madrid, which designs and builds stabilisers, fuselage sections and skins.

Tell us briefly about your job and the significance of the Ilescas plant.

I am in charge of implementing lean manufacturing at the plant. Lean is a production philosophy that started at the Toyota plant in Japan in the 1950s. It is a new way of working and a new culture of production processes is growing here in Illescas. Aeronautical companies need to be more competitive in existing markets, ensuring the highest quality of their products, delivering them on time, and at minimum cost. Lean is a very effective way to achieve this. Continue reading…

Maria Martinez.jpg(Photo: Airbus)


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