General layout of the low sonic-boom HISAC

In May 2005 the European Union began funding its €26 million ($35.2 million) Environmentally Friendly High Speed Aircraft, or HISAC, project that had the same ultimate goal – to discover how to create a business jet that could halve transatlantic flight times and be environmentally friendly.

After five years of work, the final HISAC report found that the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft-led Russian team had produced a design that met the environmental objectives. For HISAC three teams evolved classes of concepts that examined different aspects of the technical challenges facing a supersonic business jet. Team C was led by Sukhoi, working with the Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute and Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM), and the others were Dassault’s team A and Alenia Aeronautica’s B. Continue reading…

Here’s the general layout of the low sonic-boom HISAC:

HISAC General Layout.jpg(Flightglobal artist Tim Bicheno-Brown)


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