Comparison of Old and New Cargolux Livery

Boeing has released this image of the first 747-8 to wear a customer’s livery, in this case for launch customer Cargolux. (All previous 747-8s have had a simple white livery applied.) This is the first aircraft to bear Cargolux’s new livery, which features a red background on the tail that continues, along with a blue semi-cheatline, from the fuselage.

From our news article about the new livery:

Cargolux calls the new livery an “evolution” of its existing aircraft branding and provides “a glimpse of a new era for the company that will begin with the arrival of the aircraft in Luxembourg later this year”.

Recently a fourth 747-8 aircraft joined the test fleet, and Boeing has detailed its role. And in other news, a 747-8 sustained minor damage during a taxi incident with a tug.

New livery on 747-8:
Cargolux 7478.jpg
(Photo: Boeing)

Old livery on 747-400:

Cargolux 747-400
(AirSpace user ksmd11)


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