JAL’s New ‘Sky Eco’ Livery on a 777-200

JAL unveiled images today of a new “Sky Eco” livery that will be painted on a 777-200 to promote the carrier’s “Sky Eco Project”. I’m not wearing my Japanese glasses so I can’t tell you anything more. Do you know Japanese or do you know more about this jet?

In 2008 JAL unveiled its first “Sky Eco” livery on a 777-200, but that one only bore the green tail and two metre by seven metre green paper plane. The circular logo with origami figures is new. Is this an update to the existing eco jet, or is a second being painted?

Update: JAL explains the circular origami logo, “COP10″:

In supporting the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 10) to the Convention on Biological Diversity to be held in Aichi, Nagoya in October this year – the International Year of Biodiversity, JAL is pleased to add the COP10 logo on the JAL Eco Jet, and introduce the new COP10 Eco Jet from June 13, 2010 on domestic routes, in efforts to raise awareness for the event and its motto of “Life in Harmony, into the future”.

Here’s the image as well as details of the logos.

JAL Eco Jet Main.png
JAL Eco Jet Logo 1.png
JAL Eco Jet Logo 2.png
(Images: JAL)


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