New Livery for Aerolineas Argentinas

Argentine carrier Aerolineas Argentinas has announced a new livery and corporate image for itself and subsidiary Austral.

The carrier describes its new look as:

Aerolineas Argentinas renews its visual identity keeping certain characteristic elements, such as the condor – currently present with a simple and slender line – but changing its blue color for light blue as a tribute to our flag, with a touch of yellow with reference to the sun. Thus, the Argentine colors rise with every takeoff of an Aerolineas’ flight.

Here’s a graphic of what the new livery will look like on the carrier’s A340. No word yet which aircraft will be the first to receive the new livery, and when it will be unveiled. More images here.

Aerolineas Argentinas New Livery.jpg(Image: Aerolineas Argentinas)

For a comparison to the carrier’s existing, and very simple, livery, here’s a shot of the livery on a 737, courtesy of AirSpace user Eclipse.

Aerolineas Argentinas B737

What do you think of the new livery?


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One Response to New Livery for Aerolineas Argentinas

  1. Mauro Grossi 10 July, 2010 at 1:38 am #

    The new livery is horrible, i liked the one we had back in 2000, that was the real AA livery, the they changed it to the second image, and now we have that crap of livery… we went from bad to worse…

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