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Q&A With Kathy Hammerson of LJ Walch

Preparing letters of engagement, requests for proposals and building contracts to provide aircraft spares are daily challenges for Kathy Hammerson, LJ Walch’s manager of business development – North America. What career path led you to today? Before aviation I worked in a sales office for an aluminium distributor. Livermore, California-based service company LJ Walch was […]

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Silkorsky X2

Silkorsky X2 Reaches 181kt Flight

Sikorsky on 25 May reached 181kt (335km/h) with its X2 technology demonstrator. It finished the third of four phases of flight-testing that will see the dual counter-rotating rotor pusher flying at speeds up to or greater than 250kt this summer. The twelfth flight test marked the first time the company attempted to slow the main […]

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How to Launch a Rocket at the Equator in the Ocean

Three years after Sea Launch spiralled towards bankruptcy following the explosion of its Zenit 3SL rocket, the satellite launch provider is preparing to restart operations. Both of its land and sea launches use the Zenit rocket. But the more expensive sea-based missions allow a much greater payload – up to 6,100kg (13,440lb) against about 3,600kg […]

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X-51A Waverider.jpg

X-51A Waverider on a B-52 Wing

US Air Force and Boeing researchers on 26 May took a leap towards harnessing hypersonic vehicles for space access or weapons applications with the longest-ever supersonic combustion ramjet-powered flight, off the southern California Pacific coast. The Boeing Phantom Works-built X-51A Waverider achieved 140s burn of its Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne-built air breathing scramjet engine and accelerated […]

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Polish TU-154 Descent.jpg

Final Moments of Polish Tu-154 Flight

Preliminary findings from the investigation into the Polish presidential Tupolev Tu-154M crash at Smolensk detail for the first time the accident sequence, and underscore the repeated warnings to the crew about the poor weather conditions. Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) has been emphasising the co-operation between Russian and Polish investigators during the high-profile inquiry into […]

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HA_A330 Ceremony 1.jpg

Hawaiian’s Newest and Oldest Aircraft Side by Side

At the occasion of blessing and dedicating its first A330, Hawaiian Airlines had on display next to its A330 a fully-restored 1929Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker, which was Hawaiian’s first aircraft. To read about Hawaiian’s history with the CH-300 and to see some circa 1929 photos of the aircraft, have a look here.Hawaiian says its fist A330, […]

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Flight International 1-6 June 2010.jpg

Flight International 1-6 June: ILA Show Preview

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International has a series of articles previewing the ILA Berlin 2010 show, which runs from 8-13 June at the Berlin Messe. We have a dedicated ILA page with all the latest news, photos, vidoes, and even Tweets here. Here’s our introduction of the show: ILA may struggle for the spotlight […]

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C-295 F A MÉXICO_copy.jpg

Mexican Air Force Takes Delivery of First C295

Airbus announced that the Mexican Air Force has taken delivery of the first of five C295s it has ordered from Airbus Military. The aircraft is equipped with a palletized loading system and a medical evacuation kit, according to the manufacturer. The second of the five airlifters will be delivered in the coming weeks, with all […]

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