Q&A With John Hoyte of the Aerotoxic Association

John Hoyte lost his medical category as a BAE Systems 146 captain in 1989, a victim of aerotoxic syndrome, which left him seriously neurologically damaged. He founded the Aerotoxic Association in June 2007.

I set up the Aerotoxic Association several years ago after suffering the neurological damage that ended my flying career. The reason for the delay is that it took me so long to find out what had caused the symptoms I suffered. When I did find out, and had recovered sufficiently to be able to organise myself again, I wanted to ensure my pilot and cabin crew colleagues in the industry have the opportunity to learn about the risks they face, the symptoms of Aerotoxic Syndrome, and how to recognise onboard fume events that might have exposed them to the cockpit and cabin fumes that cause the problem.

The AA is not alone. Last week I attended the three-day annual general meeting in London of the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive, another voluntary association, but specifically dedicated to researching the technical origins of the problem, the thousands of occurrences and studies on record in various countries, and potential solutions like bleed air filtration or the use of engine oil which does not contain the synthetic anti-wear additives that contain toxic organophosphates. Continue reading…

John Hoyte Working Week.jpg(Photo: John Hoyte)


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