Q&A With Kathy Hammerson of LJ Walch

Preparing letters of engagement, requests for proposals and building contracts to provide aircraft spares are daily challenges for Kathy Hammerson, LJ Walch’s manager of business development – North America.

What career path led you to today?

Before aviation I worked in a sales office for an aluminium distributor. Livermore, California-based service company LJ Walch was my first job in the aviation industry. I started pulling parts, assembling hardware kits, worked in the purchasing and customer service departments until I took my current position. Somehow the aviation industry has been in my life for many years.

Can you ever predict what will soon be in demand?

Predicting demand is difficult in aviation since all airlines have different maintenance policies on removal intervals.

We do, however, try to offer our customers the option of using new PMA parts that we have developed to save them money on their repair costs and increased reliability with our engineering orders. Read more…

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