A350-800/900 Cabin/Cargo Hold Arrangements

The A350-800′s is 10 fuselage frames shorter than the -900 (six forward and four aft) which requires changes to the geometry of section 13/14 (forward), section 16/18 (rear) and the upper shell of section 15 (centre fuselage). This reduces typical two-class seating by just over 10% to 276 passengers. Continue reading…

A350-800 900 Cabin Cargo Hold Arrangements.jpg(Source: Airbus, Graphic: Tim Bicheno-Brown/Flightglobal)


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  1. john newton 15 July, 2010 at 10:39 am #

    Sadly there are 56 of those awful double excuse me seats where you are trapped into asking 2 people to move if you need to leave your seat on the a350-900

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