FARN10: 787 Departs Farnborough Flanked By Spitfires

Shortly after 4:30 PM local time, 787 Dreamliner ZA003 departed the Farnborough Airshow, which served as the 787′s international debut. Two Supermarine Spitfires accompanied the aircraft on its fly out, as AirSpace photographer apgphoto captured in this picture below.

At the Farnborough show, it was announced TUI would be the first European operator of the aircraft and also aimed to be the first global carrier to have in-flight connectivity on the 787.

The 787 may be gone but our Farnborough Airshow coverage continues here.

787 with Spitfires

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  1. Stephen Wolf 21 July, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    Great shot APG!!! Thanks to Flightglobal for providing excellent coverage of the events at Farnborough for those of us less fortunate.

    What a fitting tribute to Rolls-Royce power this formation is. It is also poignant to note that July 12, 2010 marked the centenary of the early demise of the Hon. Charles Rolls in the fatal crash of his Wright Flyer at Bournemouth. The company he formed with Henry Royce in 1904 has become an international icon of aerospace excellence. This formation typifies how that tradition is continuing, 100+ years on.

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