Flight International 6-12 July: Scrapping a Jetliner

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International in its cover article takes a look at fleet cycles. Most airlines end their days in the scrapyard, but usually after providing years of service. So why are newer aircraft being retired in greater numbers?

On the cover is an Air Team Images photo of an ex-Air France A320 meeting its end at Air Salvage International’s yard at Kemble airfield, also known as Cotswold airport, in the UK.

Also featured in this issue are:

  • Fixing a future: In our MRO report, we ask: Can Brazil be a global hub for maintenance?

  • WTO Judgment: The WTO’s ruling on subsidies is finally published, but can both sides really claim they came out on top?

  • Slicker A380: Airbus gets to grips with superjumbo production as out-of-sequence work slashed at Toulouse

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