iPod Connectivity to IFE Systems

iPod_Export1 - Panasonic.JPG

Many passengers these day have iPods, iPhones, and iPads loaded up with content they want to watch. When travelling, however, while airline IFE systems offer a larger screen, passengers have to contend with the content airlines provide. The solution? Panasonic’s connectivity kit that lets passengers connect their device to their seat’s IFE PTV, let them watch their content on a larger screen while powering the device. For more info, check out Mary “Runway Girl” Kirby’s blog on the Panasonic solution here.

In anticipation of this week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo America and IFEC show in Long Beach, California here on Image of the Day we’re showcasing aircraft interior and IFEC-related photos. You can follow the show and all of its news, photos, videos, Tweets, and more here at our dedicated site.


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