Boeing’s latest KC-767 NewGen Tanker

Boeing’s proposed KC-767 NewGen Tanker (below) for the US Air Force incorporates the wing and fuselage from the 767-200, the cargo door and floor from the 767-300F and the cockpit from the 767-400ER.

The offering, which is currently being evaluated by the USAF along with the EADS North America KC-45 for an initial 179-aircraft requirement, will also feature a new boom. NewGen Tanker programme manager Jean Chamberlin says the new boom will have “a wider envelope than the KC-10 and is fully digitalised”. She declines to provide more details for proprietary reasons but says it will “absolutely” be developed in time for initial operating capability in 2017. Continue reading…

Boeing NewGen Tanker 5 Oct.jpg(Image: Boeing)


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