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Image of the Week: Singapore Airlines 777-300ER departing Milan

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 3 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user ilpavone2004 (Mattia Vichi). Mattia’s photo depicts Singapore Airlines 777-300ER 9V-SWD departing Milan at sunrise with Monte Rosa in the background. Mattia says he spent a morning taking photos of the airport and aircraft with Monte Rosa in […]

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NASA wingless lifting bodies.jpg

NASA’s wingless lifting bodies

To help develop the Space Shuttle programme, NASA built a fleet of wingless lifting bodies to study aerodynamics for controlling and landing a re-entry vehicle, depicted below. All week we’re showing images of the Space Shuttle in honour of its pending retirement, which we detail in a special report in this week’s Flight International magazine. […]

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Discovery aerial view.jpg

Aerial view of Space Shuttle Discovery

Here’s an aerial view of Space Shuttle Discovery as she waits for launch to the International Space Station. After a week’s worth of aborted attempts to send the Space Shuttle Discovery on its way to the International Space Station, NASA now says the earliest it will launch is 30 November. But rescheduling a Shuttle launch […]

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FINT 23-29 November 2010.jpg

Flight International 23-29 November: Space Shuttle farewell

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International looks back at the Space Shuttle in a special report as the craft nears retirement. Even before the Apollo space programme of the 1960s put a man on the Moon, a fledgling NASA was conceptualising a reusable spacecraft for manned flight. Work on the Space Shuttle began in earnest […]

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Image of the Day: Space Shuttle Balloon

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 5 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user apgphoto (Paul Dopson). Paul’s photo depicts the Aeromagic Space Shuttle-shaped balloon, which Paul photographed in July 2009 at the Lorraine Mondial Air Balloons held at Chambley in France. Paul says, “This wasthe morning when 329 balloons took off!” We’ve […]

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zhuhai colour.gif

Air Show China: Zhuhai 2010 – Colour display

  This image shows colourful smoke left behind from fireworks at celebrating the opening of Air Show China 2010, Zhuhai. More from Zhuhai

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Qantas A380 toulouse_edited-1.jpg

A Qantas A380 landing into Toulouse

Qantas A380 spotted landing after ferry flight into Toulouse yesterday afternoon from Hamburg, where its interior was fitted), prior to its handover in the near future. Picture credit Andre Fantome

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zhuhai a380 & fighters.jpg

Airbus A380 makes its presence felt at the static display at Air Show China

The Airbus A380 looms large in the background, making its presence felt at the static display at Air Show China held in Zhuhai.  See more pictures, videos, news coverage and blogs and tweets on Flightglobal’s Air Show China page

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Green Korean Air A380 takes to the skies

Patience by the flightline at Airbus’s assembly plant in Toulouse paid off yesterday for Andre Fantome, who caught this shot of the latest A380 to get it wheels up. Korean Air is scheduled to take delivery of its first superjumbo in May 2011.

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ANA Q400 eco.jpg

ANA joins JAL in having eco livery, this time on a Q400

Japan’s All Nippon Airways has joined rival JAL in having an aircraft painted in a environmental-themed livery.ANA followed JAL’s lead and tinted its tail green. Unlike JAL’s livery on a 777, ANA opted for much smaller jet: a Q400.The carrier says employees have nicknamed the aircraft “Eco Bon” with eco standing for environment and bon […]

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