Image of the Week: Apache display in Ede, Netherlands

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 5 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user EnoAeroPics (Ed Nolte). Ed’s photo depicts an Apache of the Royal Netherlands Air Force “Apache Solo Display”. He took the photo (or “made the photo” as Ed says the Dutch term is) during the air show over Ede heath near Arnhem in the Netherlands on September 18, which took place to commemorate the Battle of Arnhem during operation Market Garden in 1944 and the first flight of a Dutchman in the Netherlands, Jan Hilgers on July 29, 1910. Ed says at that time there was an airfield on Ede heath, but it was soon closed.

Ed adds:

I took the photo from quite a distance, far away from the flightline, because I wanted to test my Canon 70-200 zoom lens (with 1,4 extender). Other photographers stood much closer by and could only take photo’s from UNDER the Apache, which did not really produce striking images. I used a high shutter speed (2000-3200) for testing purposes and therefore needed high ISO settings. I found that this produced images that were not always rasor sharp, but had an “artistic” touch about them, as if it were paintings. The father-in-law of a colleague is an aviation painter and he recognised this: he asked me permission  to reproduce some of the photos in paint and of course I agreed immediately!

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