Will Cessna’s new single-prop type look like a Mustang?

Cessna will introduce “not immediately, but in the near future” a new single-engined turboprop that fill a product gap between the company’s 235kt (435km/h) piston-powered 400 Corvalis TT and the 340kt Mustang twin-engined very light jet, says president Jack Pelton.

Pelton dropped hints about the new model, rumoured to look like a Mustang (below) with a single turboprop engine at the front, on several occasions at the NBAA annual business aviation convention and exhibition in Atlanta in October. Cessna’s current single-engined turboprop offering, the 12-passenger $2 million Caravan, has a maximum cruise speed of 186kt. Continue reading…


(Image: Tim Bicheno-Brown/Flightglobal)

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